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Quit While You’re Behind

Well, it was bound to happen. I am now officially a few days behind on the April Poem-a-Day Challenge. Last year, I don’t think I made it past Day 12, so I have already “PR’d”.  That’s a win! Also, last year, I gave up because I got so behind that I was totally deflated. I truly quit while I was behind. This year, I intend to keep going! I’ll get ‘em all posted on here soon! I am traveling tomorrow, and airports are great places to write. So many stimuli that I can tune into for inspiration and tune out of for concentration. 

I deeply appreciate those of you who have taken a few minutes to read the poems I post. Not all of them are good, but they are all honest. They are all brave attempts to share my work. And they are all truly a thrilling discovery as I push myself into the discipline of writing something every day.

Much love to all the poets, far and wide, who are doing amazing things this month. 

Day 14: Poem-a-Day

Prompt: Take the phrase “If I Were (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write the poem

If I were Today
I would be jealous over
how much of you Yesterday gets
over the love you lavish on the Past
over Back Then
If I were Today
I would be plotting ways
to woo you into the Present moment
I’d bring you spring flowers
a blood moon, a stranger with compliments
Jealously, I would pursue you
If I were Today

Day 13: Poem-a-Day

Prompt: Write an animal poem

Pocket full of eagles
Still I can’t fly
Wings clipped on my quarters
Debt is sky high

Day 12 : Poem-a-Day

Prompt: Write a city poem

High rise
Thick thighs
Quick eyes
City wife
High tops
Slow cops
Night drops
City knife
Dark thoughts
Bright spot
Puff pot
City strife
Work late
Tempt fate
Just wait
City life

Day 11: Poem-a-Day

Prompt: Make a statement the title of your poem and either respond to or expand upon the title

"An Eye for an Eye…"

Makes me see things
your way half of the time
In the heat of it
we extinguished our desire for payback
with a fair trade
An eye for an eye
Helps me see things your way

Day 10: Poem-a-Day

Prompt: Write a future poem

The first time our hands touched
your pulse read my palms and
prophesied to me concerning things to come

We would laugh on Ponce
Kneel on Hibernia
Ride down DeKalb
Cry on Clairmont
Curse on Moreland
Drink on Juniper
Hoot and holler on Piedmont

We would…

We would…

We have.

We do.

We will. 

We will create the future right now, hand in hand.

Day 9: Poem-a-Day

Prompt: Write a shelter poem

You are 
the storefront awning I seek when drops of rain chase me.
You are
the corner I turn to block the wind and also the wall I lean against.
You are 
the fireside den in a small house of sacred silence.
You are my resting place.

Day 8: Poem-a-Day

Prompt: Write a violence/peace poem

My double bed—floral and frilly—is outfitted
to persuade me that I lie down in green pastures
But in this box set, “x” marks the spot
where I crouched down
the day I heard them fight for real.
The day I learned my mother’s tongue was a Swiss army knife—
a whole repertoire of sharp weapons switched in the blink of an eye
The day I learned my father’s patience had been dangling from a cliff my whole life
and would yell if pushed over the edge

I could not unhear the verbal grenades
and I desperately wanted to stay backstage
I did not know who I’d have to be
to pretend we lived in peace 

Day 7: April Poem-a-Day

Prompt: Write a self-portrait poem

I guess I look like a mango
A mango which curious hands squeezed
and left dimples upon
A mango with spots and scars on the skin
and ripe, pulpy flesh around the seed
A green red brown mango
but really just rather orange-y yellow
and sweet
I’m sweet!
Laying under tropical trees

Day 6: April Poem-a-Day

Prompt: Write a night poem

complete silence
except for the A/C
occasionally clearing its throat
and the mechanical bird on my wrist
marking every second with a
barely audible chirp
and the refrigerator  awaking from its nap
to blow its cold breath on coffee creamer and tuna sandwiches
complete silence
except for the hushed ache
of working late

Day 5: April Poem-a-Day

Prompt: Write a discovery poem

This old thing
with 11 pages wrinkled from water
spilled or cried
and a few crispy corners
from starch oversprayed and dissolved onto
exposed paper.
I yanked this old thing
from the bottom of a box
at the back of my closet
and found my deepest secrets
written with all the angst and precocity
I did not recall having and would not regret
were it not for the fact that
this old thing
pulls me out of the closet
on every other page and
I am embarrassed by the newness of the truth
in this old thing.

Day 4: Poem-a-Day

Prompt: “Since ______”

"Since You Asked"

No, I was not born this way.
But if you strike a match enough times with enough force,
you get a flame.
This fire in my mouth is rather new;
I was not born this way.